From now 3-year warranty

High quality pays off – plan costs in the long run

If you have „saved” by installing poor quality products, then lose your customer or incur high costs for service visits, then you know that quality matters.

CAMSAT has been specializing in high-quality wireless systems for 15 years. And our devices are famous for their exceptional durability and reliability. For customers our brand means high quality and guarantee of long-term operation of devices. That is why we have a large group of permanent, loyal recipients. Users of our products are coming back for another, even after several years.

The durability and low failure rate of our products means that we are sure of their quality.

Therefore, we extend the warranty period for our IP devices up to 3 years at no additional cost.

Since September, purchasing wireless systems for IP cameras from CAMSAT you gain 3 years of security.

CAMSAT also guarantees technical and commercial support at every stage of the project. If you have any doubts or technical questions or need advice on which product to choose in a particular situation, please contact us. Our specialists from the Technical Department are available under number 505 272 224.


Products with 3 years warranty:

CDS-6IP Multi
CDS-EasyIP eco